Baby Photography

Kids are cute little beings. Each of their cuteness is worth capturing. Kids are vulnerable being who are never stagnant at a place. They keep moving and revolving around. Sitting down at a place with no expressions at all isn’t their thing. But for us moments are all we need and kids’ vulnerability is an add on to us. All of the little cute acts that they do are immensely beautiful and can be captured beautifully. To get the desired expectation from the kids’ photography the photographer first has to build connection with child. Once connected and comfortable around, child photography can give amazing results. MY MEMORY MAKER

Baby Photoshoot Pricing


6000 /-
  • Candid Photographer
  • Outdoor Location
  • 3 Hours Coverage
  • 15 Soft Copies
  • -
  • -
Most popular


12000 /-
  • New Born Photography
  • Studio / Indoor Location
  • 4 Hours Coverage
  • 15 - 20 Soft copies
  • 10 Sheets Magazine Album
  • View Your Albums Online


22000 /-
  • Candid Photographer & Videographer
  • Outdoor Location
  • 6 Hours Coverage
  • 20 Soft Copies, 20 Sheet Premium Album
  • UHD Teaser Video
  • View Your Albums Online