What is better than watching a picture which has an angel, a picture which has a superhero, a picture which has a blooming flower? It is amazingly eye-pleasing. Kids, let them be anywhere at a party, casually on the bed, walking, eating, smiling or when busy with their notorious activities, every moment is what our Photographer search for. Kids photography is the most beautiful outcome. But wherever there is beauty there is a lot of efforts that are put. Children are surely the most beautiful creation of God but are also a lot moodier than anybody else. Bringing these cute creations in the frame is not a one-man show, it involves a lot of factors. Connecting to them, playing with them, making them comfortable, they like us, and then somewhere our Baby Photographers capture those beautiful moments.

Baby photography is a memory in a true sense. My Memory Maker has a treasure of expert Baby Photographers and Kids Photographers who strive to get that one perfect click. Every picture has a memory attached to it. Baby photography is a box of memories that bring a smile, sometimes tears, mostly shyness and undoubtedly a flashback for both the parents and the grown-up. Experimenting with food and baby gives us the best outcomes.

The most widely used baby shoot idea is the “Month concept.” Following the age of the baby, the shoots are themed. People use number cubes and with the many expression that the baby gives every growing month adds endlessly to the output. The next cutest the “Baby’s Friend” themed photoshoot. In modern times everybody has a pet at their place, and we all know kids are too good with pets. Imagine a baby boy with his dog trying to imitate him or a baby girl with a cat and both having a headphone on. I know we imagined something that brought a smile on our faces. When we are talking about kids how can we forget the mess and dirt they are surrounded it. How many times their clothes get cleaned and dried. “Set the scene” exactly portraits that. Why not set a scene when a kid is also hung like other clothes. These toddlers are so cute that props lose their charm in front of them. In the Indian context, a child bride looks the most beautiful and worth capturing.

Our Baby Photographers have more and more ideas to make every casual shoot into a memory. “A baby in the pool” is the most done baby shoot. We focus on rare as we know rare is unique. A baby in the pool is undoubtedly cute but how about a baby working with a rolling-pin, covered with the dough in a beautiful kitchen. Super awesome, right? In My Memory Maker, we have such many unique ideas that make baby shoot a memorable one and do not miss any chance to amaze the parents as well as the baby once he/she is grownup. Because childhood is the most important phase of life and we aim to make it their best one.

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