Why to Hire My Memory Maker

Video camera

“Photography is Narrating and creating one’s story from a much beautiful vision.” This vision’s destination is, “My Memory Maker.” We understand every consumer has needs according to their exclusivity. To deliver services concerning the needs, Hyderabad based company provides an enormous range of Photography services like Birthday Photography, Event Photography, Wedding Photography, Kids Photography, Portfolio shoots and many more. With a much more affordable cost, My Memory Maker offers a wide range of customized packages depending upon the actual requirement of the clients as we understand no two events happen in the same way, and the outcome expectations are the same. Services are much more appealing and consumer-friendly when they are specially designed in cost- cutting unnecessary requirements. Consumers always appreciate the best quotations and this will amaze you that we provide a quotation for every section of society. We are exclusive with choices and very flexible with our service locality. We serve in all the major localities in Hyderabad as well as cities all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. With such a flexible range and exclusivity in our services, we pledge to quality. Our skilful professionals are well experienced in the field of Photography and Cinematography and are specially trained to deal with the peak moments in the events in the right way to get the best possible output. My Memory Maker aims towards fostering quality, flexibility, and exclusivity in its services.

Data Management & Data Security:

Accomplishing the best output is one while maintaining it is another! Out of utmost care taken to secure the date, the success rate doesn’t reach 100 with any Professionals. This is one of the major issues the world is facing on the current day. To do away with this insecurity, we have a dedicated data management team that strives hard to secure your data and give you the output maintaining time and quality. We cannot and will not compromise on quality Instead, we fight against time to give our consumers the best. Some small steps build stronger and reliable relationships. To accomplish a stronger and reliable Consumer Seller relationship, we have enhanced steps taken to manage and secure data. We are extremely happy to announce that we use an exclusive External HDD for every event we cover. In this digital world waiting for a hard copy is a little outdated. To match up the speed and time of the consumers, we also deliver the album soft copies to you through our servers directly with a QR Code after your event where you can retrieve them directly from our Application and share it with your friends and family easily.

Photo Albums:

A collection of photos is always a proved source of smiles on one’s face. My Memory Maker provides the best set of HD Albums & Premium UHD Albums which are digitally designed by the best in class experts to create the moments in sequential order by using various editing tools. To provide dynamism in our services, we have a variety of photo albums. The Regular Non-Tearable HD album sheets come with smudge-proof lamination that will stay for long life and are waterproof, they come in Glossy, Matt and Velvet finish. The premium UHD Albums comes with the Seven Colour printing technology to print the moments as lively as possible with a color guarantee of 100 years, these come under Glossy, Matt, Satin finish to feel livelier. Touching the senses with prints that stand out in a form with Embossing Technology of the sheets like never before. Get embossing on every photo book for absolutely free.


As it goes with this saying “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” Services are enriched when it is amalgamated with quality and integrity. My memory maker focuses on making you take away extremely beautiful and worth coming to us. With a vast dynamism in our products, we race against time, and comfort work timings to get the best output at a very reasonable price. Services like designing an HD album need a lot of concentrations, dedication as well as keen-eyes. Our experts with their exclusivity in the work fields make sure each outcome is a considerable giving.

Scope Of Work:

Each service sector has a different and unique method of rendering their services to consumers. Likewise, My Memory Maker has a unique style of Creating, narrating and presenting data captured by the Photographers. For any event to capture on has to do a lot of homework and with a well-done homework comes an amazing result. To impart fabulous results, we strive hard and make sure our services make us stand out in the crowd. The unique data management technique is one of many examples of our rarity in rendering services.

Experts for Each field:

A dedicated team is all that is necessary to give the world a better output. Any work requires a hardcore team with immense expertise in their respective fields. My Memory Maker has a unique set of people with their expert ideas, and techniques of working as well as working out problems. Our well-coordinated and dedicated team is the reason for all the outputs we generate. Each field requires a different set of techniques as well as a different set of mind- sets regarding working.

Quality Assurance:

Quality Is the most strove objective of any consumer while taking a service since time embarked. Any customer cannot afford to compromise on quality. But at My Memory Maker, we do not compromise on quality, and under no circumstances, we wish to substandard our quality. We aim to provide all the world-class services in a mutually profitable cost with a fabulous outcome. Because every good outcome comes to satisfaction and a beautiful smile on the faces of the consumer as well as our entire team. We pledge to quality assurance.

On-time delivery:

Late Delivery of the albums, and Videos after the events from the photographer is one of the major issues faced by Clients. This occurs due to insufficient staff with them. Now, this can be overcome with My Memory Maker. If We could not deliver the albums, and videos by the promised time we will Compensate by providing discounts on the bill from 5%-25% depending on the delay of delivery.

Customer Support:

Our motto is to build up worth relationships with consumers. And to make it happen we never step back to build a contact. Any other queries you can reach us at +91 - 8686 365 365 at a call from 10 Am -7 pm, on WhatsApp around the clock or write to us at support