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Mothergraphy- Maternity Photography

We wake up daily to an explosive voice because it's 8 and twice our tea is heated. That voice is explosive, loud but never irritating. She is our mother. The most selfless being on this earth. It is said that "Maternity is the slow, difficult, and delightful apprenticeship inattentiveness, gentleness, forgetting oneself." The phase of maternity is filled with multiple emotions and multiple responsibilities. Maternity is an exquisite period of life for any woman. Being a mother and feeling someone evolving inside you is just so unforgettable. Couples might forget their anniversaries but never can forget their child's birthday. That is the love that parents render on their children. My Memory Maker attempts to nurture and bring out the beauty of this phase through various themes of maternity photography. We all know how mesmerizing this phase and accordingly perfect the attempt to bring it out visually should be. Our photographers try to capture every possible bit to bring out happiness and create memories because capturing is not always pictures but mostly memories. To bring out this extraordinary outcome their numerous thoughts that the photographers get before taking action.

"Share the news" is a first and most beautiful realization that a couple has entered the maternity phase. Because we believe maternity is for both mother and father. In this shoot, the photos are picturized in such a way that gives out the surprise news about the couple being pregnant. Pictures that say we are 3 now are good examples of these shoots. This is the proven best theme for maternity because the first news is always special, no matter what. Another theme which is recently in trend is "Show the Sonogram". These shoots simply focus on the sonogram of the mother and create beautiful outcomes. It is a little difficult for the photographers to make it beautiful as in a sonogram other than blurred movements one finds nothing. But while flaunting that sonogram report the smile and the emotions that pour out of them would-be-Mumma just acts as an add on to the entire shoot and as well the result.

The other Instagram friendly theme is "Two Mumma, Two babies". This is the cutest of all. Women getting pregnant together and having a photoshoot is just so adorable. This also portrays friendship and mutual love. This photoshoot showers the purest form of love and loyalty. One of my favorite kinds of maternity shoots. Another practical, as well as extremely beautiful shoot theme, is "Parents in the Frame". Parenting is never a one-man or one-woman show. It is a clubbed effort and extraordinary love from both the parents. Similarly, maternity is not a phase particularly for a woman but it is a period of life for both the parents. To highlight and deliver this thought to everybody and their would-be child, couples admire this shoot.

With a lot of thoughts, happiness, tears, discomfort, mood swings, anger, pain, weakness but at the end lot of love, couples enter the phase of maternity. As it is thought not to be very tough as women are entitled and strengthened to give birth, but it is quite important to understand that with happiness comes a lot of pain and with pain comes a lot of love. No form of love is as pure as motherhood. My Memory Maker showcases and celebrates the purest form of love through our maternity photography services. Because memories are stories and we lens them!

Now you can hire the best professional maternity photographers in Hyderabad at today to capture the candid moments on your special day.

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Posted On : 15-10-2019

Framing the cute devils and little Super heroes

What is better than watching a picture which has an angel, a picture which has a superhero, a picture which has a blooming flower? It is amazingly eye-pleasing. Kids, let them be anywhere at a party, casually on the bed, walking, eating, smiling or when busy with their notorious activities, every moment is what our Photographer search for. Kids photography is the most beautiful outcome. But wherever there is beauty there is a lot of efforts that are put. Children are surely the most beautiful creation of God but are also a lot moodier than anybody else. Bringing these cute creations in the frame is not a one-man show, it involves a lot of factors. Connecting to them, playing with them, making them comfortable, they like us, and then somewhere our Baby Photographers capture those beautiful moments.

Baby photography is a memory in a true sense. My Memory Maker has a treasure of expert Baby Photographers and Kids Photographers who strive to get that one perfect click. Every picture has a memory attached to it. Baby photography is a box of memories that bring a smile, sometimes tears, mostly shyness and undoubtedly a flashback for both the parents and the grown-up. Experimenting with food and baby gives us the best outcomes.

The most widely used baby shoot idea is the “Month concept.” Following the age of the baby, the shoots are themed. People use number cubes and with the many expression that the baby gives every growing month adds endlessly to the output. The next cutest the “Baby’s Friend” themed photoshoot. In modern times everybody has a pet at their place, and we all know kids are too good with pets. Imagine a baby boy with his dog trying to imitate him or a baby girl with a cat and both having a headphone on. I know we imagined something that brought a smile on our faces. When we are talking about kids how can we forget the mess and dirt they are surrounded it. How many times their clothes get cleaned and dried. “Set the scene” exactly portraits that. Why not set a scene when a kid is also hung like other clothes. These toddlers are so cute that props lose their charm in front of them. In the Indian context, a child bride looks the most beautiful and worth capturing.

Our Baby Photographers have more and more ideas to make every casual shoot into a memory. “A baby in the pool” is the most done baby shoot. We focus on rare as we know rare is unique. A baby in the pool is undoubtedly cute but how about a baby working with a rolling-pin, covered with the dough in a beautiful kitchen. Super awesome, right? In My Memory Maker, we have such many unique ideas that make baby shoot a memorable one and do not miss any chance to amaze the parents as well as the baby once he/she is grownup. Because childhood is the most important phase of life and we aim to make it their best one.

Now you can hire the best Baby Photographers in Hyderabad at today to capture the beautiful moments of your cute devils and little super heros.

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Posted On : 15-10-2019

A new trend of Pre-Wedding shoots

A pre-wedding shoot is a new evolving idea for all the lovely young would couples. Traditionally, photographs of marriage were conceptualized to be taken only on that day. With the changing times and new uprooting idea, our creative Photographers and Cinematographers, as well as creative consumers, came up with the extremely memorable idea of – Pre-wedding shoot. I would say.“The best companion is the one connected to your soul.” Companions and companionship are celebrated throughout. This celebration is to be captured, also our Photographers never leave a chance to capture even the happiness that comes after knowing who their companion is.

A pre-wedding shoot is no doubt aesthetically pleasing but it pitches understanding towards each other. There is a variety of pre-wedding shoot trendily. Some out of it is Filmy shoots, Food lovers shoot, Water lover shoots, Green lover shoots, Miniature shoots. Eventually, it is one’s concept that we actually capture. Filmy shoot more bent over Bollywood, is a most captured conceptualized shoot.

With Raj to Simran till the Badri Ki Dulhania, our Photographers strive to get the best outcome as thought by the consumer. Bollywood most opts as it is mostly viewed and are thought to be creative. Food lovers shoot is the best and my personal favorite as food pleases all. It is said, The couple who eat together and travel together will stay together. Food is the emotion undying and a couple who mutually crave for food are the cutest of all. It is not unique but authentic too and the best one for our Photographers to click some beautiful candid. Eating brings a smile, My Memory Maker only wishes to incorporate smiles through imparting the best of their services. The water lovers love to shoot in the underwater, which is rarely chosen. These water photo shoots are a big effort thing for the Photographers as well as the couple. The green lovers shoot is the most eye-soothing and fresh-looking shoots. Indian gardens and greenery are appreciable. The beautiful parks in India always contributed to easing the process of photography and proved as a helping hand to the Photographers.

When one does his homework with efforts the outcome is always better. Our experienced Photographers never take their work casually but strive to Impart if not perfection but progression. We strongly believe memories are developed by two people, but putting it into vision is the perfect attempt to understand one's memories personally. It gives us utmost happiness when we deliver outcomes which brings a smile on consumers face. “My Memory Maker” justifies its name in delivering outcomes that bring happiness in the soulmates.

Now you can hire the best professional wedding photographers in Hyderabad at "My Memory Maker" today to capture the candid moments on your special day.

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Posted On : 15-10-2019

Reason to must have a Photographer at Indian Weddings

Imagine a fat Indian wedding without a man wearing T-shirt, jeans and a gear jacket, carrying a long lens camera and sneaking everywhere possible. We Indians just can't imagine a wedding without a photographer. Wedding in India is no less than a festival. Right from the Yellow turmeric to the yellow marigold. Its bright like the sunshine. It is said “Every marriage is beautiful in its own way” we can totally agree to it but we can't deny to the fact that every marriages are unique because of the photographer and his efforts.

Weddings here aren’t a one-day program, it is at least of a 5-day full-fledged Bollywood mixed get together. It is a range of scope for all the art photographers to capture beautiful Photographs in these 5 days. Right from the haldi that is a very colorful ritual to the mehendi which again is green and joyous in nature till the final day of wedding. This carries a range of opportunities for the Photographer to capture the events in totality. Candids are the best to be captured here. The excitement that glitters on the faces of people are worth observing, viewing and capturing. The Pattu Chira or the heavy zaarikaari lenhanga or the lucknowayi achkan every dress carries an emotion with itself.It said “ A happy bridesmaid make a bride happy” but in the modern scenario a perfect photographer with beautiful pictures makes a bride happy.

Any marriage has amalgamated emotions of the bride, bridegroom and their parents. How can we miss the confused flow of emotions that the brides parent carry. Any emotion cannot match the level that a brides parent carry. The lens-man gets multiple expression pictures which are in fact not created but are real.

Leaving the emotional part aside, there are a bunch of glamorous and handsome teenagers dying to dance and pose in the weddings. These are the colors of any wedding. The power punch that they put to the wedding are just unavoidable. They are the sibling's department. The moments of enjoyment, the tit for tat moments, the shoe hiding element, the small spicy fights between these people are all the happy part of any wedding album. Earlier pictures were conceptualized and clicked and so they the reality and genuineness in them. But today the excitement that people have towards photography and wedding just adds to the beauty of any click, also it helps the memory makers make much more beautiful or beautify it. No event in a human’s life is bigger than their marriage or parenthood.

The Emotions captured in the wedding by the photographer are just like pearls and the wedding album is a pearl necklace, beautifully arranged and expressed. After the long tiring and tedious ceremony the most important people are left with only visuals, The memories are recreated in the form of a Photo book that proves to be the best remedy for their after marriage cravings of re living it. These memories can be made more beautiful with “My Memory Maker”.

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Secrets In Choosing The Right Style Of Wedding Photography On Your Wedding Day

Wedding photography has evolved a lot in last couple of months and getting yourself lost in the memories of your wedding photographs is what everybody would love to do with their dear ones. As it is rightly said marriages are made in heaven, but the correct module of photography with right creativity can bring heavenly and magical moments for your life time in your album. Wedding photography choice is often is a subject for discussion and the photographer who takes your pics needs to understand your chemistry and body postures. Wedding ceremony photography has evolved from flat old theme photographs to classy sunshade bride wearing long ghagras with stylish jhumkas and groom appearing in quirky stylish Kurtas that dazzle.
Professional photographer shooting wedding and pre wedding pics should understand the simplicity of the bride and groom and highlight their uniqueness in a creative and attractive way. Choosing the right style of photography actually depends on many factors such as the style, likes, the couple chemistry, their comfort level, their looks, their confidence and creative likes. There is no standard for any photo, but the way the photographer captures the moment brings in life to the photograph.
the new innovation to offer various things. This is one reason why wedding service photography gives improved when contrasted with what it was years prior. It likewise pulled in people that could never try into wedding photography at whatever point not for the most up to date innovation of advanced photography. Wedding picture takers who at their astounding offer stunning and dazzling photographs that record the marriage in an imaginative and story, in some cases suggestive and a large portion of times in a complimenting manner.
It likewise implies that like a wedding advanced picture taker today; you must have the option to give something surely not seen before. Consistent with the complexities of wedding advanced photography today, it probably won't get genuine until the end of time that all expert wedding picture takers are the equivalent and this all wedding function couples want a similar sort of picture taking.

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A celebration of creativity through World Photography Day!!!

Whenever we have a special event, photography helps us to capture those special moments and keep them safe with us. The concept of photography is much celebrated through the World Photography Day. World Photography Day is a awesome celebration of the science, techniques, art and concept of creative photography, that gives you a celebration of images for the eyes. World Photography Day is on Monday, August 19th, 2019. This is much awaited day and surely something to be a part of. From 19th century, the concept of photography is evolved from an always evolving and ever increasing freedom of expression. Photography in olden days was restricted to mere family and passport size photographs, but today it’s completely expressive and creative. Photographers have travelled their journey and evolved their art of expression through cameras every time.
A photograph is an idea, memories, celebration and life journey. Every photograph is a treasure of memories and the new one is the reflection of change in the past and advancement in the future. Photographs convey concepts in a very effective manner, rather than words and deeply touch the hearts of the people. A photograph is also a medium to make people understand the vision of the photographer and get connected to the reason for capturing it.
Photography has the ability and the power to capture the place, moment and expression. Its art of expression is creative nad ever refreshing. When we see a photograph, we really understand the beauty of the place and the person. Beautiful photographs can make the most ugly things look creative and different.
Let us celebrate this beautiful art of photography that is ever a part of every aspect of our life. Awaken the photographer inside you and capture the nature with the camera. Lets bow and appreciate this art on the wonderful day of World Photography Day!!! Join the World Photography Day celebration, this August 19th. Go out and capture a moment. #WorldPhotographyDay

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