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Live wedding – Online streaming

What was the concept of photography traditionally? Or why was it so necessary to hire photographers for weddings? Was it just for the sake of capturing such once in a lifetime moment? It had more do with just capturing moments, it was kept in beautiful albums to show people who missed it out. Photographs store memories, it keeps all the small moments, beautiful talks, and dynamic frames alive. Album traditionally was not only a book filled with pictures but also a treasure box of memories, But the drawback of album storing was that people could only see it or recall memories when they are at the place of the person who has it. And practically nobody travels just to see pictures. To get through with this problem of traveling and getting to see the content, Photographers coupled up with technology and came up with the live streaming or live wedding option. Before booking your slot with My memory maker for this exclusive and dynamic live wedding you need to know things related to it.

What is this Live wedding streaming or live wedding?

It is broadcast through a link which can be shared with the people you wish them to be a part of your big day, they click the link and boom! They are a part of your big day. Isn’t it the most creatively innovative option for people who cannot attend weddings. Photography has always shown dynamism in its field, and this is the need for the hour due to the fast life we live.

I only want my group!

Some couples are very selective about the people being a part of their big day as they are ones who bring out the vibe. For all those consumers security and person, the restriction is a vital aspect. To get through with such kind of hurdle the best option is to set up a passcode to the link given so that only people who have access to the passcode can be a part of the event. So it completely secured!

Am I audible? Are we audible?

The visual component is always incomplete without an audio component. But don’t worry, the audio component is completely taken care of with well-established mikes to provide clear sound both of the bride and groom as well as the viewers. So don’t worry if the sound, volume up the music.

I was a part of the live stream, My mother wasn’t? How do I show her?

Often it happens that everybody cannot be a part of the live stream at the time it is happening and then it creates a problem for the people who couldn’t attend it. Live streaming with its enhanced and dynamic feature makes sure the video of the event is available on the link even after the event is finished. Even though life ends once the event is finished but then the video of the event can be traced back to the link given in the initial stage of starting the event.

I wish I could have it with me forever!

Imagine the event being your best friend’s wedding and you want to keep it forever so that now and then whenever you feel like going back and watching it you can. So what is the big deal, live-streamed videos can be downloaded by the people having the link and the passcode.

Live streaming is a perfect option for people who like exclusivity, dynamism and almost all their loved ones to be a part of their wedding. Live weddings are not only trending but also secured and people restricted with proper visual as well as audio component checked thoroughly. So what are you waiting for? Have your wedding this year? Don’t worry make it exclusive and latest with this innovative feature. Don’t go far My memory maker does it right for you. Book your slot today with the best photographers in the market – My memory maker! As we aim to only spread smiles and make people’s memories more bright!

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